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2008-10-10 21:27:47 by Jfaux

Can you send me constructive criticism? I want to know how to improve. <3


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2008-11-05 17:25:45

This is what every Newgrounder has to realize when they come here. Most of the population is made up of 13 year olds. (Even some older ones too...) Most of them will bash you at every corner no matter how good you make something. The thing to take away from this are those gems of advice or encouragement that come around once in a while.

I wasn't that good myself when I joined this site. My stuff didn't get that much attention. But then I looked at the 300+ views I was getting...Think about it...If I went around campus showing 300 people my stuff, by the end of the day, I would be exhausted. This way I don't have to even get out of my chair. It is really a blessing that most of us take for granted.

Then from there I started trying new things, experimenting. And somewhere along the lines, I became...uh...somewhat popular on this site. (I'm no Adam Phillips)

Strive for aspiration, not discouragement. It's the only way we as people evolve. In other words, don't let this sh*t get to you.



2009-01-14 21:49:15

=( I liked it...